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Our chauffeurs participate in renowned annual events all over Europe. Some of which include the Geneva Autosalon, the 24-hour race in Le Mans, and the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. In Germany we work closely with the International Transport Forum and the International Automobile Exhibition. We also work with private clients who arrive via private jets to Europe and give them a ride to their hotel, gig, or any other desired location with one focus: the well-being of our clientele.

Are you looking for a transfer, VIP limousine or VIP van with a professional chauffeur? Look no further because you have just found your experienced provider. For the past years we have been providing our exclusive clients with a next-level service throughout Europe. Feel free to contact us now if you would like a quote that is tailored to your specific request as soon as possible.

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Next Level Solutions was founded with the decision to combine the cultivated expertise from staff disposition, people transportation, and event management. It is our main goal to cater to the client’s needs in every aspect of an event.

Philipas Engelbrecht

Chief Executive Officer

Bachelor of Science, Master of Science

Philipas was born in Burgwedel, near the city of Hanover, in September 1992. After graduating from high school in 2012, he interned as a project manager in upscale gastronomy. To improve his English, he spent some time in England before enrolling in a bachelor's degree program in economics in 2014, which he completed in 2018. Subsequently he studied energy management and energy systems which he graduated from in 2020 with a master of science.

Philipas has been working in the events industry since he was 15 years old. He founded the label "Most Wanted Society" under which he hosted numerous events in some of Hannover's most prestigious venues. He has been regarded as an organizational talent and a networker. Since 2010, he has also been working as a dispatcher in the upscale gastronomy sector, where he has learned how to develop his entrepreneurial instincts. Due to his extensive experience, he started working as a sole proprietor in the transportation industry.

Philipas’ intrinsic motivation is “Do not wait for opportunities that change your life - create them yourself”.

Marco Schmökel

Chief Executive Officer

Bachelor of Science, Master of Science

In February 1991, Marco was born in Gehrden, a town near Hanover. As soon as he graduated from high school, he began an apprenticeship as a commercial assistant. He then graduated from an American university with a bachelor's degree in management. Subsequently he moved to England to obtain his master of science in leadership and management. In 2009, Marco began working for a staff service provider in upscale gastronomy, where he gained an understanding of the importance of hospitality over the years. He became interested in other aspects of the hospitality industry through his work as a brand manager, which made it easy for him to establish his own company.

Marco says about himself “To fulfill the client’s wishes to the smallest detail and to then get positive feedback - that makes me happy”.

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